Unraveling Innovations in Drug Delivery: DTU Summer School

Sandeep Karki, a PhD student at the University College Dublin (UCD), and Dr. Sahil Malhotra, a DevelopMed Postdoctoral Researcher at UCD embarked on a two-week academic expedition at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), spanning from August 21st to September 1st. Here they visited Dr. Nazanin Zanhanizadeh Ezazi, a fellow Postdoctoral Researcher at DTU, and Eleftheria Pantazoglou, a PhD student at DTU. While there they completed a comprehensive summer program and delved extensively into the intricate facets of drug delivery and micro/nano sensor technologies. Their participation was not merely educational but yielded substantial contributions to the realm of pharmaceutical research.

Exploring the Objectives:

DTU’s summer school offered a multifaceted approach to comprehending the nuances of drug delivery:

  1. Scientific Lectures and Presentations: Sandeep, along with his fellow participants, engaged in a diverse spectrum of scientific presentations. These encompassed topics such as oral peptide delivery, innovative transdermal drug delivery methodologies, and the transformative influence of 3D printing within the pharmaceutical sphere.

  2. Poster Presentations: Guided by Nazanin and Eleftheria, Sandeep and Sahil’s research findings and laboratory experiments found their platform through engaging poster presentations, which unveiled potential advancements in drug delivery to a broader academic audience.

  3. Hands-on Experimental Endeavors: The summer program facilitated immersion in practical experiments involving the preparation of drug-loaded patches. Advanced techniques like slot-die coating, 3D printing, and solvent casting were employed, thereby enhancing their grasp of modern drug delivery technologies.

  4. Interactions with Eminent Academics: Notably, Sandeep and Sahil also had the privilege of one-on-one sessions with distinguished Professors Christian Janfelt and Jette Jacobson from the University of Copenhagen. These interactions delved into cutting-edge techniques, including MALDI for peptide analysis and innovative in vivo and ex vivo studies concerning buccal drug delivery.

Achievements and Outcomes:

The team accomplished notable milestones during their tenure at DTU:

  1. Pioneering Bilayered Patches: They successfully crafted bilayered patches, uniquely tailored for efficient drug delivery. These patches underwent comprehensive in vitro release and mucoadhesive studies, underscoring their potential for enhanced drug delivery.

  2. Poster Presentations: They also showcased ongoing projects and the laboratory works completed at DTU. These presentations bore testament to unwavering dedication and the innovation propelling drug delivery research.

  3. Invaluable Knowledge Exchange: Interactions with Professors Janfelt and Jacobson enriched the team’s understanding of novel techniques and exploratory avenues within the domain of pharmaceutical research.

  4. Comprehensive Learning: The exposure to scientific lectures by industry experts broadened insights into the ever-evolving landscape of drug delivery technologies.

The journey at DTU’s summer school was a voyage of scholarly exploration, revealing novel prospects in the realm of drug delivery. The experience holds the promise of not only advancing pharmaceutical research but also potentially enhancing healthcare and patient outcomes.

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