BUCCAL-PEP in the veterinary ireland journal, vol13, number4

The BUCCAL-pep project has been featured in the veterinary ireland journal's april edition

BUCCAL-PEP is excited to share that our project has been recently featured in the esteemed Veterinary Ireland Journal. Our main objective is to develop a new and innovative way of delivering peptide-analogue treatments. To achieve this, we are working on creating a biomaterial-based patch that can be easily placed in the cheek to deliver medication. This approach will be the first of its kind and will overcome the difficulties associated with conventional drug delivery methods.

In work package 2, the project will perform in vivo absorption tests on two lead patch prototypes developed in WP1. The tests will be conducted on the buccal or sub-lingual mucosa in pigs to analyze PK-PD data from blood samples collected during intravenous administration and buccal absorption tests. The data collected will be used to provide feedback to WP3 to further improve the patch’s efficacy.

In addition to analyzing the patch’s effectiveness, we will also evaluate the safety of the buccal and sub-lingual mucosa using histological analysis in cross-over pig studies. This will ensure that the patch is not only effective but also safe for animal use.

The recognition from the Veterinary Ireland Journal is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. We are proud to be making significant progress towards revolutionizing the way medication is administered to animals and humans alike.

Thank you for your continued support of BUCCAL-PEP. Together, we can improve  health and well-being through innovative and effective treatments.

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