In-cheek delivery of

peptide-analogue therapies

About Buccal-pep

What we do

Delivering peptide-analogues (large molecules used in medicine) orally is a big problem for pharmaceutical researchers. Only five peptide-analogues have been made into tablets or capsules for oral delivery, but they all have difficulties like low bioavailability (how much of the drug gets into the body), controlling the dosage, inconvenient patient administration, and food interactions.

To solve these problems, the BUCCAL-PEP group will work together to create a patch made of biomaterials that can be placed in the cheek to deliver peptide-analogue treatments. This patch will be the first of its kind and will overcome these difficulties by combining a permeation enhancer (SDC) with biomaterials and a peptide-analogue.


For patients

At BUCCAL-PEP, patients are our top priority. We believe that our technology will improve their quality of life and reduce the burden of their condition. That’s why we’re actively involving patients in our work from the beginning, ensuring that their needs and requirements are considered throughout the development process. By working together with patients, we’re creating a technology that is both effective and user-friendly, with the potential to revolutionize the way peptide drugs are delivered.

Our updates


BUCCAL-PEP attends the conway festival!

We are delighted to share that University College Dublin‘s Sahil Malhotra participated in the Conway Festival, commemorating its 20th anniversary of impactful research and collaboration. Sahil delivered a

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